Sunday 22nd of September 2019
Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society
Founded in 1922 | Call sign G8TA

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Regional Winner

COTY Regional winner

Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society winner of the RSGB West Midlands Regional club of the year 2012 and 2013.
2012 was a fantastic year for Wolverhampton ARS, a year of rejuvenation as well as our 90th Birthday. We have seen a steady growth in our membership and with a full program of events we have become more active than in recent years and went on to win the Regional award for 2013.
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The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is the UK's national membership organisation for amateur radio enthusiasts. For more information on the RSGB [click here]

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VHF / UHF Band Plans

The 23cm / 1.3 GHz IARU Region 1 Bandplan

6m | 4m | 2m | 70cm | 23cm | HF

1.3GHz (23cm) Necessary Bandwidth UK Usage
1240.000-1243.250 MHz 150 kHz All modes
1240.000-1240.750 Alternative centre for narrowband activity and beacons
1240.150 MHz Packet Radio
1240.300 MHz Packet Radio
1240.450 MHz Packet Radio
1240.600 MHz Packet Radio
1240.750 MHz Packet Radio
1242.025-1242.250 Repeater outputs
1242.275-1242.700 Repeater outputs
1242.725-1243.250 Packet Radio
1243.250-1260.000 ATV
1248.000 MHz ATV repeater input
1249.000 MHz ATV repeater input
1258.150-1259.350 Repeater outputs
1,260.000-1,270.000 Amateur Satellite Service - Earth to Space only
1,270.000-1,272.000 20 kHz All modes
1270.025-1270.700 Repeater Inputs
1270.725-1271.250 Packet Radio
1272.000-1290.994 ATV/DATV
1280.000 MHz ATV Repeater input
1290.994-1291.481 25 kHz FM/DV Repeater Inputs
1291.000-1291.375 MHz (RM0-RM15) 25 kHz spacing
1291.494-1296.000 All Modes
1293.150-1294.350 Repeater Inputs
1296.000-1296.150 500 Hz Telegraphy, MGM
1296.000-1296.025 MHz Moonbounce
1296.138 MHz PSK31 Centre of activity
1296.150-1296.800 2700 Hz Telegraphy, SSB and MGM
1296.200 MHz Narrow band centre of activity
1296.370 MHz FSK441 MS calling
1296.400-1296.600 MHz Linear transponder input
1296.500 MHz Image Mode Centre of Activity (SSTV, Fax etc)
1296.600 MHz Narrowband Data Centre of Activity (MGM, RTTY etc)
1296.600-1296.700 MHz Linear transponder output
1296.800-1296.994 Beacons exclusive
1296.750-1296.800 MHz Local Beacons, 10W erp max
1296.800-1296.990 MHz Propagation Beacons only
1296.994-1297.481 25 kHz FM/DV Repeater Outputs
1297.000-1297.375 MHz (RM0-RM15)
1297.494-1297.981 25 kHz FM/DV Simplex 25 kHz spacing
1297.500-1297.750 MHz (SM20-SM30)
1297.725 MHz Digital Voice (DV) Calling (IARU recommended)
1297.900-1297.975 MHz FM Internet voice gateways (IARU common channels, 25kHz)
1298.000-1300.000 20 kHz All Modes, Unattended remote control, beacons, and digital communications
1298.025-1298.500 Repeater outputs
1298.500-1300.000 Digital comms
1298.725-1299.000 Duplex packet radio
25 kHz 1299.000 MHz Packet radio
150 kHz 1299.425 MHz Packet radio
150 kHz 1299.575 MHz Packet radio
150 kHz 1299.725 MHz Packet radio
1300.000-1325.000 TV repeater outputs (UK only)
1308.000 MHz ATV repeater output
1310.000 MHz ATV repeater output
1311.500 MHz ATV repeater output
1312.000 MHz ATV repeater output
1316.000 MHz ATV repeater output
1318.500 MHz ATV repeater output

6m | 4m | 2m | 70cm | 23cm | HF